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Società Agricola Zibarelli

Società Agricola Zibarelli

“The farm was founded in the 1950s with my father’s grandfathers, who started the business in this region with 16 animals. The farm now has 370 animals, including 190 milking cows and 180 hectares of land for producing fodder exclusively used for the cows’ feed”.

Maurizio Zibarelli, together with his father Enzo and a few employees, run the family farm producing milk for the production of Parmigiano Reggiano, with a strong focus on efficiency and the quality of the milk.
“I like animals, ever since I was young while I was still studying, I used to come to the cowshed to be near them. In my work, I have learned that if you give to animals, they give back to you in turn”.

The values of loyalty and honesty passed down from his father Enzo together with a great inclination for innovation are hallmark features of the Zibarelli farm.
In fact, Maurizio is constantly looking for projects that will revolutionise his business, such as the use of robotics in animal husbandry to increase efficiency and productivity, while reducing the amount of labour. Or environmental sustainability projects which, thanks to new technologies applied to farming, are drastically reducing wasted water and energy, with a view to protecting the environment and the climate. There is still much to do and this is huge motivation for them!

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