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Nuova fattoria Cristofori

Nuova Fattoria Cristofori di Mario e Franco

Nuova Fattoria Cristofori was founded in 1980 with 50 milking cows.
It is a totally family business run by Mirko, his parents, uncle and sisters. A new barn was built in 2010 and currently they own 200 kines, 95 of which are milking. The farm also includes about 450 biolche of land to hay, wheat and barley for animal feed.

“You have to like this job, you need passion. Working with animals gives satisfaction. Technology is very helpful, it facilitates and improves our work and the quality of the result.”
Animal welfare plays a very important role at Azienda Agricola Cristofori: fans, brushes and a new milking parlor have been introduced. The barn is cleaned four times a day to ensure the well-being of the animals at all times. Unifeed feeding is chosen as preferred, being an exception in the area.

A special feature recently introduced on the farm is that calves are left with their mother in the stall for three days after birth.
“We have noticed how these arrangements have affected the results for the better. When the animals feel good, they give better milk.”   

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