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Società Agricola Al Prato S.S.

This reality was born in late 2015 from Jacopo’s project to revive his grandfather’s farm. Both young and enterprising, Jacopo and Alice decided to change jobs and lives to dedicate themselves to the farm completely. Starting with a small estate, the company now has 70 livestock of which 50 in lactation. The property also includes 100 hectares planted with forage, vegetables and ancient grains to produce flour.

Each animal, as soon as it is born, is given a name.
“This work requires a lot of commitment but being in contact with nature gives you a priceless feeling of freedom. Seeing the fruit of your labor is a source of extreme satisfaction.”   
Over the years improvements have been made to ensure animal welfare such as the introduction of rubber mats, fans for ventilation and outdoor box for calves.
“Mechanics is another great passion of mine,” says Jacopo, “I’m happy whenever I can do some technical work in the farm, it really relaxes me” .

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