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Alessandro Del Re has been running his family’s business since 2002. The farm now counts 280 Friesian cows, 120 of which are milking. The milk production increased from 2,200q in the early 2000s to 10,000q today.
This growth has taken place under the banner of animal welfare, with the transformation of the barn into a free stall and the creation of 4 hectares of free pasture for the dry cows, in order to ensure greater serenity for the animals during calving and “herd support” for the calf. At the same time, feeding is managed with the “one pot” solution.

Food always available for the animals. In this way conflicts over food are reduced and fresh grass or corn are added to the mix in the right season.
“It takes a lot of willpower to do this work, because every day there is a problem or difficulty to solve, but the satisfaction of seeing how generous the dairy cows are, repays all efforts. There is no other animal that is generous at this level; these animals give you their soul.” 

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