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Società Agricola Pianezzo

Società Agricola Pianezzo

Azienda Agricola Pianezzo was born in March 2021 when Corrado and his wife Jessica decided to start their own business.
Jessica decided to change her life completely by leaving her job as a social worker.  She emphasises: ‘This job gives you so much and requires so much passion. What motivates me the most is the relationship you establish with the animals: they recognise you, they wait for you and require a lot of care. It is impossible not to become attached”.

The welfare of the animals comes first: fans have been installed and a large outdoor enclosure has been built to allow the animals to graze freely and to be able to take shelter and water under a hut.
The constant collaboration with the veterinarian and the nutritionist is aimed at always giving the animals the best care and ensuring that they do not lack any comfort.

One and a half years on, the farm has 70 Friesians, 40 of which are lactating, and 100 hectares of land cultivated with cereals and fodder to feed the animals.
“We are really happy with the results. This work gives us great satisfaction! Our goal is to be able to expand and increase the number of animals”. 

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