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Società Agricola Fondo Predella

Società Agricola Fondo Predella

“My father bought this farm in 1964 and expanded and improved it over the years, building the new cowshed and various barns”. Today, Severi Ferrante and his daughter-in-law, Natasha Giordano, run the family business with a masterful combination of dedication to their work and love for the animals.

The Azienda Agricola Fondo Predella has 63 dairy cows, divided into two cowsheds and with a free pasture area; their 200 hectares of owned land are located on the Selvapiana hillside in Canossa.
Their complete dedication to the animals, the attention to their needs and the daily contact with them are the most authentic and genuine aspects of this job, “which I would not change for anything in the world”.

Natasha and Ferrante’s way of working involves a smile on their faces and a peaceful life, which are essential for rearing animals, as Natasha explained.
“The animals sense your mood, even without saying anything, they instantly notice if you are nervous or agitated and they react accordingly. On the other hand, if you are calm, they will sense it and return it to you”.

It is a small farm but it has big goals for the future, primarily linked to increasing their heads of cattle and therefore the milk produced, but also a desire to help train new generations. “My dream would be to have schoolchildren visit my farm, so they can discover what it is like living and working in the heart of nature and how great it is to be in contact with animals”.

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