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Società Agricola Bertini

Società Agricola Bertini Angelo, Gianluca, Andrea & C. s.s.

Way back in 1962, the Bertini family decided to leave their small hillside village of Neviano degli Arduini in the Emilian Apennines and head for San Polo d’Enza. Here, Angelo set up the farm which is now completely family-run and expertly guided by him and his two children, Gianluca and Andrea.
Thanks to major investments that have helped expand and renovate the entire farm, they now have 160 animals and 90 hectares of land entirely used for growing fresh fodder to feed their cows. Motivated by their decision not to use chemicals on their crops, they currently run a completely organic farm.

Angelo told us: “What do I love about my job? The freedom of working outdoors and being able to run my business independently. The seasons dictate things, not our needs; it is not always easy to accept it but everyone finds their right balance at the end of the day”.
With this in mind, Angelo has managed to pass down his passion to his two children, who are completely dedicated to looking after the cows to produce the best quality milk. “You can only make a special cheese from high-quality milk”.

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