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Azienda Agricola Notari

Azienda Agricola Notari di Giulio e Arturo s.s.

Azienda Agricola Notari was established in the 1980s with a small shed built by two brothers, Giulio and Arturo, together with their parents. Giulio and Arturo have carried on their parents’ business and still personally take care of the work in the barn.
“Being able to carry on the family business is a great satisfaction, it was important for us to be able to continue our parents’ project and carry on their memory through the company. My hope is that my grandchildren will continue to work here and the farm can be passed on from generation to generation,” says Giulio. 

Twenty-five head of cattle are reared in lactation, some in dryland, but also heifers so that there is a continuous production cycle. The land is cultivated with fodder to feed the cattle.
Animal welfare is central: cleanliness, maintenance and attention to feeding the animals with a good product are at the centre. The animals are tethered with a traditional, non-vertical tether to facilitate movement. The animals are spaced out within the cowshed so that they can manage themselves comfortably.

The mountain terrain presents some difficulties for building additional structures, but the barn is large and airy and there are plans to introduce additional fans.
Giulio started working in the cowshed at the age of 16 and with 40 years of experience behind him he says: “Animals talk, you just have to look at them carefully. You have to love them, than you can create a sincere relationship.  This job cannot be improvised; you must be able to get in touch with the animals for the end result to be good”.
A dream of the Notari brothers? To open an educational farm in the future in order to bring more and more young people closer to nature and animals.

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