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Azienda Agricola Mandreoli

Azienda Agricola Mandreoli Marco

Marco and Luciana decided to leave their dairy business in 2011 to devote themselves to breeding calves. Once they grew up, the emotional bond created with the animals prevented them from selling them and they decided to start milking them. In October 2011 they milked one cow, today they milk 33, mostly Friesian cows.

Luciana emphasises that in her opinion the best way to ensure the welfare of the animals is to love them and care for them constantly by making sure they have the best food and the necessary attention.
“We also come to the barn at midday to make sure they are eating and doing well. These animals are able to give you great affection. Each of our cows has its own name and we get to know them one by one. Cristal, for example, only wants me to milk her, she calls me and waits for me”. 

“Passion is what lies behind this job,” says Luciana, “I was born in this environment, always around animals. I left my job in a pastry shop to come back and work here, it is the passion that moved me”.

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