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Azienda Agricola Ferrari e Goldoni

Azienda Agricola Ferrari Remigio e Goldoni Giuliana

The story of the farm is the story of the dream of two young people, Remigio and Giuliana, who, when they were just 18, decided to build a barn from three cows, a bequest from their grandfather.

Today, it is Giovanni, the couple’s son, who continues his parents’ business, which has been transformed and grown and now counts 130 head of cattle of which 70 are milking. The animals are fed mainly with the fodder grown on the 50 hectares of land surrounding the farm.
Over the years, the farm has evolved especially in the area of sustainability: energy autonomy thanks to solar panels, organic certification for land and milk produced, and attention to animal welfare. In particular, animals are treated with homeopathic medicines, without antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.
“We have invested heavily in animal welfare, from bunks with mattresses to new rubber belts, which greatly reduce the impact of contact with the animal. We want our cows to be as free as possible, which is why we have two pastures to which they can have free access, one of which is dedicated to heifers, which stay outdoors throughout the summer.”
“Being a farmer is a job that requires great patience and a lot of stubbornness, but also leads to a great satisfaction: contributing to the growth of something, whether it is a field that is beginning to bear fruit or a little calf that is growing, and thus being part of the cycle of nature.”

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