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Azienda Agricola Carapezzi Sergio Renato Alide

The Azienda Agricola Carapezzi was founded in the 1970s in Selva, a small village on the hillside in the municipality of Canossa. It is a mountainous region featuring various small farms, where farming and rearing livestock involve major sacrifices.

After undergoing an expansion and renovation process in the 90s, Sergio and Silvana, together with their children Renato and Claudia, now run the business with about 53 milking cows and 32 steers, producing milk to make mountain Parmigiano Reggiano. “Farming in the mountains involves more economic investment and greater physical effort, but our parents managed to pass down a great love of farming to us which, along with our passion, ensures that every day we have the new energy and enthusiasm required to successful keep working”.

The decision to stay connected to the rhythm of nature, the passion, the constant commitment and the love passed down to their children for this job have led the Azienda Agricola Carapezzi to produce high-quality milk. It is a natural, authentic product, whose production still today has strong ties with tradition.
What gives them the greatest satisfaction? “The most satisfying thing is the cows: they show you their emotions, they build real relationships and you always have to be attentive to understand their every need. A peaceful environment is essential, we think that animal welfare is a basic principle for producing high-quality milk”.

Every day, 365 days a year, is spent looking after the animals with the utmost dedication as well as, depending on the season, farming the land used to produce the fodder for the cows’ feed.
“From our unconditional love for the animals and a strong spirit of collaboration, we have managed to overcome any problems that life has thrown at us. It is not a job for us, it is our life, a lifestyle that also involves continuous comprehensive training. It is only through cohesion, collaboration and mutual respect that you can keep going every day tackling any difficulties”.

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