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Ever since he was young, Antonio has always wanted to become a farmer. In 1968, together with his father and brothers, Sergio and Ivano, they decided to leave the old village of Villa Lagarina in Trentino to head to the Po Valley and establish what has now become the Azienda Agricola Pedrotti.

In the 1970s, they started with a small cowshed, about twenty heads of cattle and a little land. Since then, their talent for farming and looking after animals, as well as their tenacity in running their business while respecting high quality standards, has led them to pass down to their children not just the enthusiasm and determination that have always been a hallmark of Antonio, Sergio and Ivano, but above all, their ability to do such an ancient job.
Every day, with passion and satisfaction, we continue what first our grandfathers, and then our parents, have created and built”.

The Azienda Agricola Pedrotti is now a major family-run farm led by their children and grandchildren with about 2,000 livestock animals.
What is our trump card? Always focusing on innovation, while trying to grow and improve every day with a professional attitude”.

In fact, the Pedrotti farm was one of the first ones to install a biogas system, which is used to generate renewable energy to power the entire farm.
Right from the outset, we believed and invested in our business while looking towards the future”, explained Antonio “and… with a touch of madness, we have tackled the struggles and efforts of every day with our solid approach”.

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