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Fattoria Monte di Bebbio

Fattoria Monte di Bebbio di Toni Paolo

Mt. Bebbio is a very old mountain hamlet that was bought by Paul’s grandparents in 1943. Starting with a small barn of 6 cows, today it counts 260 head of cattle of which 120 are milking. Paul works with his wife and some employees.

For Paolo, animal welfare is the priority. Since 2019 he has introduced free stalls with straw bunks for animals that were previously tethered. Animals are provided with brushes and, through a dosing system, can manage themselves in feeding. Climate control allows temperatures to be kept around 20 degrees even in the summer. The barn has a scenic corner overlooking the surrounding area.
 “I am convinced that treating animals with care makes a difference. You have to love the animals, otherwise this work cannot be done: this is what I have learned in these 33 years. The animals speak and the results also speak clear: when the animals are well, they produce well. We manage to produce an average of 42 quintals of milk per day with 120 milking animals.”

The environment is the most important thing for the owner who was the first to install a photovoltaic system in his barn in 2007 which is currently producing enough energy to supply the artisanal production workshop and the barn. This primacy given to the enhancement of the area led to the project of building an agritourism that aims to make guests discover the treasures of the land of Parmigiano Reggiano. 
“In our workshop we also produce yogurt and ice cream but our priority is Parmigiano Reggiano. It is the best cheese in the world in my opinion and to be part of its production chain is a great satisfaction.”

Paolo’s investments were honored in Rome in 2014 with the Bandiera Verde award as Emilian excellence in agriculture.
Upcoming projects? A mini-biogas plant in which animal waste is used to produce energy and the creation of a new pasture for dry animals. 

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