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Azienda Agricola Lombardi

Azienda Agricola Lombardi Sandro e Romano s.s.

Azienda Agricola Lombardi  was founded in 1970 by Sandro and Romano’s father, who took it over after finishing secondary school. Starting out with 10 cows, it now counts 100 animals almost entirely of the Italian Friesian breed with 50 milking cows, dry cows and free-range heifers. 

Working with the family constitutes a fundamental added value for the Lombardi brothers, who personally take care of feeding the animals, having achieved total self-sufficiency for hay and fodder.
“What I appreciate most about this job is the family atmosphere that characterises it. In particular, it is nice to be able to work together with my brother with whom I get along very well.” 

Animal welfare is implemented through the introduction of suction fans and dedicated spaces for the calves.
“In this job you need passion because you don’t look at the clock here. It is a satisfaction first of all for me and then for my family. There are difficulties in this job but I would never go back, no job gives me this satisfaction. It’s a job where there is always something to lear, you have to be smart”.

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