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Azienda Agricola La Ruminante S.r.l.

La Ruminante was founded in 2019 when Alfonso, owner of Azienda Agricola Cilloni e Casini, decided to buy the farm together with a partner.

Starting from scratch but maintaining the original structure, on 16 September, the activity restarted with 160 animals, 100 of which were in lactation.
“I felt sorry that such a beautiful farm with healthy cattle was closing. If we farmers abandon it, the mountain is destined to become a forest. It is our job to safeguard agriculture and the landscape. We have believed in the value of this work and invested to carry it on”.

Three employees work in the barn and in the 40 hectares under fodder crops.
Animal welfare is a priority: loose housing and straw bunks have been chosen. For the future, Alfonso plans to build a pasture.
“This is a very good area because it is sheltered from the wind and not too hot in summer. The animals feel good and you see the results in the long run.”

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