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Azienda Agricola La Cantarella di Arati Marco

Marco Arati represents the third generation of breeders in his family and, since 2012, he has been running the Cantarella with his father. The farm now counts 180 head of Friesian cattle, divided into two stables and 70 hectares of fodder land.
“I started as a kid, in the summer, like everyone else in this area. Once I finished school, I decided to take up breeding full-time: it’s a fascinating job, in all aspects, from the animal husbandry to the possibility of working in such a beautiful natural setting. Not to mention the satisfaction of carrying on the family business, I would like my son to continue after me’.

Always attentive to animal welfare, today the Cantarella has 80 lactating cows, a pasture for heifers, its pride and joy, and a big project for the future, the construction of a new barn and a second pasture for the 80 lactating cows.
“My great passion is music: I am a songwriter thanks also to this job, which with its tranquillity sets in motion aa sort of magic and stimulates my creativity. All my songs were born here, while I was working, perhaps if I were at home I wouldn’t have written anything”.

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