Azienda Agricola Giannini

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Azienda Agricola Giannini

Azienda Agricola Giannini di Alfio e Andrea

The company was established in the 1970s and in 2015 Andrea left his job to take the reins of the business.
It has a total of 90 animals, 40 of which are in lactation, and 50 hectares cultivated with fodder to feed the animals.

Grazing is an important aspect of ensuring the wellbeing of the animals, who have the possibility to remain free for a large part of the year.
“This job has taught me to approach every situation calmly and, above all, that everything can be fixed. Passion is crucial, the animals notice if you have no passion and change their attitude towards you”.

In the future, the main desire would be to expand and build another barn. 
“In my spare time I am passionate about watching rallies. I often go to see Gianluca racing, the owner of the Colliola farm, let’s say I’m part of his fan club!”.  

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