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Azienda Agricola Fontana

Azienda Agricola Fontana Nunzio e Giuseppe

Azienda AgricolaFontana has been passed on from generation to generation. It is a family-run business led by the two brothers Antonio and Alessandro with the help of their mother.

Over time, the farm has been expanded. Today it has 110 head of cattle, 50 of which are lactating, and 40 hectares of land cultivated with wheat.
Antonio says: “The relationship with the animals is the best part of this job. Every night I go to bed satisfied. It teaches me every day that with commitment you get results”. 
Animal welfare is ensured with constant care of the animals. The dry cows have a stall where they can be free and move around strengthening their muscles.

New projects are aimed at further improving the quality of life for the animals and include the introduction of a new milking system and a new roof for the barn to make it brighter and to make cleaner air circulate.
“The animals are only tethered during the milking period. If the animal is well there are better results and the farmer is also well”.
Antonio has another passion besides animals: music. Together with a friend he animates parties with his console.

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