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Azienda agricola Canovi

Azienda Agricola Canovi Alberto & Sandro

The company was founded in 1960 by Sandro’s father. In 2019 Sandro decided not to close the farm and took it under management together with his wife and their 20-year-old daughter.
There are 152 cows of which 80 are in lactation. Almost 80 percent of the fodder for the animals is produced on the 60 hectares of land surrounding the farm. Rubber mats, fans for aeration, outdoor stalls for implementing grazing and strengthening the animals’ muscles are the solutions adopted to ensure the animals’ well-being. 
“The most beautiful thing about this job is working with the animals, it’s fulfilling. The relationship with the animals is what made me fall in love with this job. I have a real passion for animals, in fact, in addition to cows I own chickens, dogs, cats and even a goat, says Veronica.

Sandro also stresses the importance of passion in this job: “Animals notice if you have passion or not, it makes a difference. When we call them by name, they recognize us.”
Father and daughter are united by another great passion: quads, which leads them to attend many gatherings when they are spending time with their animals. 

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