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Azienda Agricola Barbieri e Mercati

Azienda Agricola Barbieri Eros e Mercati Antonella

Azienda Agricola Barbieri e Mercati has almost a century-long history. It began in 1910 with only 12 kines until it reached a total of a hundred Italian Friesian cattles, 55 of which are milking.
An alfalfa crop is added to meet the feeding needs of the cows.
Rubber mats, aeration fans and the priority given to grazing dry cattle represent the improvements introduced to ensure ever greater animal welfare.

Tomas, the young grandson of the owners says, “This work pushes me to be able to aim higher in order to always have better quality. It gives me a lot of satisfaction and confronting  with other producers is a continuous stimulus for me.”
Looking at the future Tomas plans to build a new, larger and more capacious hay shelter and to purchase new, more technological equipment that will promote animal welfare and facilitate human work.

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