Our vision

To be the tradition of
Italian Taste, worldwide

We have Italian roots and we respect them: in their origin, in the recipes and in the way we use and prepare our products. But our soul is international, since exporting food means also exporting culture

Our mission

We want to innovate the food culture all over the world through the Italian food tradition

DalterFood Group’s mission is to provide consumers, food manufacturers and food service professionals, worldwide, with traditional Italian food products, which are foundation of the Mediterranean diet, researched, developed and packed to meet the specific requirements of each of them.

Our core business is focused on the dairy sector. We started by portioning Parmigiano Reggiano into new cuts and packages and today we control the entire supply chain which starts from the collection of milk, the production and the aging processes and goes to the portioning and packaging operations. The same know-how and same innovative visions are applied to both the cutting and packaging processes used for other mature or semi-mature cheeses.

We aim to directly control the distribution of our products to markets, both in Europe and outside Europe. Our good reputation has enabled us to build, and continue to build, strong partnerships with companies within the food industry who share our philosophy and our goals for the distribution through our network of a selected range of quality food products.

We are aiming to access competitive global markets with a corporate organization that offers consultancy and expertise to its customers, which are provided by a highly skilled staff together with the use of high quality raw material and production processes.

To fulfil our mission and maintain customer trust over time, we follow with honesty, professionalism and integrity all the business rules and our principles.
That’s our style.