Milk collection

We set up Colline di Canossa so we could talk directly with the dairy farmers who supply their milk to make our Parmigiano Reggiano.




dairy farmers



dairy farmers

At the start, in 2005, we worked with 5 dairy farmers. Nowadays, that number has increased to more than 30, located mainly around Reggio Emilia, some in the hills and foothills.

Having loyal farmers who are passionate about their work, with a good team spirit and the awareness that they are key players in a great project – for us is crucial.


To create this relationship of mutual trust we have introduced – first in the sector – supply chain credit. We set it up through a bank to help farmers. It means they can receive payment for their milk almost immediately, compared with an average wait of about 12 months and delays even up to 24 months in certain cases.

Our strategy has given them the strength to plan their investments and modernise their facility, giving us guaranteed standards of milk quality.

We designed a system that rewards milk quality topping the parameters demanded by the consortium.

Improved product yield and fewer faults found in the cheese are the results achieved up to date.


We also offer our farmers the benefit of our expert consulting services as regards finance and legal issues, helping them to grow as businessmen.

We also guarantee them the ongoing presence of Quality Assurance specialists and a food technologist so that farms are run according to current standards and more attention is focused on the well-being of the animals.